Costs & FAQs

What does a door cost to install?

Costs vary depending on the size, type of door, door weight, lock difficulty, lots of variables so please ring to discuss your situation

But an estimate would be

External door into existing frame – between $350 – $450,
Internal doors vary greatly – between $180 – $350
Front entry frames $750 – $1500

Don’t be fooled by the adds saying “$159 door installation” or similar, read the fine print, if they have to trim the door, and you always do, its extra, if they have to do anything other that just screw on the hinges and do the most basic lock, which no ones wants anyway, its always extra!

Do you charge by the hour or have a fixed price?

Most of our work is done on a fixed price. So you know before we start exactly what the costs will be.

We do some per hour work, for work we don’t know how long it will take, for example changing old door locks to new ones, we can’t tell what holes are in the existing door and how much work it will take to fit the new ones until we start.

My house is very old and nothing is straight or square, Can you still help us?

Absolutely, this is what we do every day, we have fitted door to houses that are so crooked it makes you sea sick. We have fitted doors to houses over 100 years old, thousands of times. These are the sort of houses not getting the right person in for can be disastrous.

What should I look for in choosing a door installer?

Any carpenter can install a door, but can they do it well? Have they installed thousands of them? Have they been doing this every day for years? Or are you just getting some contractor you have never met, sent to your house in the hope that they have some qualifications?

At we are registered builders and qualified carpenters, we have proven to the Building Commission that we know what we are doing and we do this every day. We are referred work by some of the largest and most respected door companies in Melbourne. Would we get this referral work if our work wasn’t up to scratch?

How long will it take?

Front door installation generally takes 2-3 hours.
Internal doors can take anywhere from 1/2 hour – 3 hours depending on difficulty.